Our Noble Leader

A wee chat with Star Bar's Pub Landlord

Everyone knows and loves Star Bar, but who is the man behind the best pub in Edinburgh? Who mans the jukebox ,fixes the foosball table, supervises the pint pouring and encourages bad behaviour from the regulars? We have a 30 second catch up with Stevie between pint pulls

What 3 words would best describe you?

“Likes his music”

Summarise Star Bar in a nutshell

Dive bar

So why's Star Bar the rebel base?

It’s full of pirates

What can newbies to the Star Bar expect?

Good music and cheap thrills

What’s the best thing about the regulars

They keep coming back!

Star Bar's claim to fame
What sort of events does Star Bar hold
What’s the specialty drink

Cum in the bath (we’ll just leave this here – we’re told it’s delicious)

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