If you’re looking for a haunted pub in Edinburgh, Star Bar should definitely be on your pub crawl agenda.

The Scotsman Newspaper once said “Edinburgh has the twin distinction of being one of Europe’s most haunted cities whilst having more pubs per square kilometre than anywhere else in Scotland. It’s a marriage made in hell.” And we’re pretty proud of our ghoully credentials.

Much like everything else about the Star Bar, ours’ is a story that’s very different from your run of the mill haunted tales. Star Bar actually has a clause in the lease forbidding the removal of a male human skull that was found on the premises.

All of our regular customers have seen the skull, however no one will dare touch it – no doubt because of the grim consequences that have befallen those who tried moving it in the past. A previous manager who transferred to another local bar was shot there during a raid. Fitters took out the skull and inside a week their workshop burnt to the ground. The last time the skull was displayed, the brewery it was in mysteriously flooded.

We have had plenty of Paranormal Investigators who set up camp in our cellar to monitor the spooky goings on, check for ectoplasm left everywhere, or something similar! 

Don’t worry though, you’re perfectly safe – just don’t cross the streams! (

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